About Blake Supply Company

At Blake Supply Company, our commitment to excellence is your assurance of quality and service. The team at Blake has over ten years experience in the automation/industrial supply business.

Our knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence are your assurance in choosing our team. At Blake we pride ourselves on knowing our products, knowing our suppliers, knowing our prices.

If you need help choosing the right product, if you need information on availability, but more importantly, if you need support after you've made your purchase, Welcome to Blake Supply.


After a phone call to your office, you got the ball rolling and handled everything without a hitch. All the information for our purchasing department, the logistics of shipping from overseas, and the progress reports made everything work smoothly. In the end, the cylinder arrived sooner than expected, and we were able to install it with a minimum of downtime. Thanks so much for your outstanding customer service, and you can count on our business in the future.

Thanks again, Terry